Ore no shita de agake! Mawahaha!

Welcome to the one and only (I'm fairly sure) English-language walkthrough to the BL game Ore no shita de agake.

Update May 10th 2006: By popular demand, an appendix has been added with 58 CGs from the game. No hotlinking, please. Also, many of them include spoilers for the game.


Ore no shita de agake (Writhe Under Me, or something to that effect) is an NC17-rated "boys love" game from Blue Alice (homepage). That it's rated NC17 means it contains pornographic material. That it's "boys love" means this pornography is male homosexual in nature. It was developed for the PC and to run under the Japanese version of Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP. Because of its nature, it probably won't come to any other console near you anytime soon. Also, you probably shouldn't be looking at this site if male-on-male porn isn't your cup of tea.

OreShita (for short) is a simulation game, and the goal is to get the protagonist into bed with someone. But it's not a lovey-dovey love simulation game, in which you have to charm your way to the heart of your favorite character -- nope, in this game, you have to blackmail them into sleeping with you. Sounds like fun? Then you've come to the right place. This page is a walkthrough to every CG and every scene of this game, and it'll guide you to the good bits even if you can't read much Japanese. Enjoy!

Page 1: Before we begin, Characters, The map
Page 2: Actually playing the game
Page 3: Special status, Cards, Items, Seme/uke, CGs, Tips, Lastly ...
Appendix: CG gallery (spoilers!)

Before we begin: basic controls


This is the startup window that appears when you run the game after having installed it.

Main Window

The main window. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory.

The "voices" option makes you decide whether you want to hear the voice actors (seiyu) or not. I suggest you turn this option on, because the actors are really rather good. If you turn the "play automatically" option off, you have to click to hear the voices.

Omake Window

The omake window that appears when you click on "omake" in the main window. You can always check your collection of CGs and scene "recollections" by clicking the respective graphics here.

"Chesha's room" is the staff area, and you can read about the six people who made this game. It's not of much interest unless you read Japanese fairly well, though.


Of all the pull-down menus, "File" (as shown here) is probably the only one you're going to need.

If you run the game in full screen, the pull-down menus can be accessed by pointing your mouse at the top of the screen.

The "Screencap" command makes a screencap of the current window in the same folder as the game files.

During the game, if you wish to cancel something or go back to the previous window you were in, right clicking on the mouse will usually do the trick. Holding the right button on the mouse down will also speed up a conversation so you won't have to click your way through it (though this only works for conversations you have had previously).

Remembering the terms for "yes" and "no" in Japanese is probably a good idea:
はい -- yes
いいえ -- no
When in doubt, choose . If nothing happens, try again and choose はい.

The characters

Kurosaki Ichiya

黒崎 一哉(Kurosaki Ichiya)

The protagonist. 25 years of age. He introduces himself as the president of Kurosaki Finances, but is in reality also an executive of a certain huge corporation. He is handsome, intelligent, and rich, but all that is sort of ruined by the fact that his hobby is to entrap guys he likes and make them his sex slaves.

Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru.

Yoshioka Kei'ichiro

吉岡 啓一朗(Yoshioka Kei'ichiro)

Kurosaki's secretary. 31 years of age. Has been with "Ichiya-sama" since Kurosaki was a teenager, supports him in all matters private and professional, but has never been in the sack with him.

Voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki.

Higuchi Takafumi

樋口 崇文(Higuchi Takafumi)

25 years of age. Was Kurosaki's class mate in junior high. Runs a flower shop that he inherited from his father, but was tricked into giving up his rights to the property, and is thus in dire need of money to buy it back -- which Kurosaki takes advantage of.

Voiced by Ishikawa Hideo.

Shimizu Arata

清水 新(Shimizu Arata)

Age unknown (ahaha ...). His parents ran away from loan sharks, so he lives on his own and works at a construction site, and is trying to save money to go to university. Is naturally very poor, which Kurosaki takes advantage of.

Voiced by Hashiguchi Daisuke.

Yamaguchi Yukio

山口 幸雄(Yamaguchi Yukio)

29 years of age. Is a widower and has a son called Kazuya. Kazuya has an unspecified decease and is in dire need of surgery, but Yamaguchi gave up a well-playing job to be with Kazuya more, and thus can't afford the surgery (what a dilemma) -- which Kurosaki takes advantage of.

Voiced by Tobita Nobuo.

The "map" window

When you start the game (after the intro), the secretary will ask you what you wish to do today, and then, a window such as the one below will appear. It contains much of the information you'll need while playing the game.


It's not elementary that you understand all of this window, but a basic understanding will be helpful. Some of the items will be explained further on pages one and two.

Date: The game ends on the 30th day. The kanji in the brackets is the weekday; you won't need this so much.

Cards: An overview of the four cards you can use for "card actions".

The stats: Show a summary of how much money each of the targets owe you, and what each of their "unfortunate" points are. The "unfortunate" points increase every time the protagonist uses a "card action" on a target, and influences their "special states". If you click on one of the three fields, you can view more detailed stats of the targets:


Items: All the items you find or receive during the game will be stored here, and are accessible by clicking the pink icon at most times:


The is a limit of five to the number of items you can carry, and if you have five items and find a new one, you will be asked to throw one out.

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