Ore no shita de agake! Mawahaha!

Page 1: Before we begin, Characters, The map
Page 2: Actually playing the game
Page 3: Special status, Cards, Items, Seme/uke, CGs, Tips, Lastly ...

Actually playing the game

The simple objective of this game is to buy off one or more of the "targets" (Higuchi, Shimizu, and Yamaguchi) and force them to have sex with the protagonist. In order to do so, you have to find the targets, use "card actions" on them, and indebt them for at least 100 million yen within 30 days.


On the map, grab and drop all of the "investigators" icons to the houses.

You will be asked to confirm this action. When you are sure this is how you wish to place the investigators, click "はい".


The investigators will disappear and reappear, and report one by one whether they found anyone in their locations or not, by showing one of a series of icons. They can report one of six things:


Higuchi Takafumi
was there.


Shimizu Arata
was there.


Yamaguchi Yukio
was there.

Buyer A

Buyer A
was there.

Buyer A

Buyer B
was there.


No one
was there.


The investigators will go away, and icons of the protagonist and the secretary will appear where the investigators were before. Drag and drop them to where you wish them to go. You can send them anywhere: to the targets, buyers, a place no one was at, and even to a place you didn't send an investigator.

Again, confirm your choice:




If you send the protagonist and/or the secretary to any of the targets, you will be able to perform a "card action" and thus indebt them. First, choose the card you wish to use (don't mind what they are too much) and click "はい".

Something similar to this picture will appear (the specific look will depend on which card you used):

Card action

You can stop the moving bar by clicking once with the mouse. The aim is to hit the orange (level 1), blue (level 2), and red (level 3) area. The bar moves quite fast so some technique is required to hit level 3, but the other two shouldn't be much of a problem. Level 3 is of course best, in the sense that it will indebt the character more.

Card action

When you hit one of the levels, an event will unfold in which the character is sabotaged in some way and end up in debt. Here, something from a construction site falls down near Yamaguchi.

After the event, the game will return to the map.



Buyers A and B will trade the cards you have in possession for other cards. the ones at the bottom are your cards, the ones at top the buyer's cards. Trade by clicking on one of each set of cards.

How many cards you can trade depends on the buyer, but when you have traded as many as you can, the window to your right will appear.

You can also finish the trade sooner by right-clicking once. After the trade, the game will return to the map.



If, after both the protagonist and the secretary has performed their actions, the debt of one or more targets has exceeded a certain amount, one or more events will unfold. The protagonist's reactions in the conversations decide if he will feel more uke or seme towards this particular target. (Please refer to the seme/uke parameters for specifications.) Sometimes there will also be a CG in this event.

End of the day


After all of above, the day is over and the secretary will tell you how much you have indebted the targets during the day.

Afterwards, this system menu will appear. To get on with the game, choose "Sleep" and repeat everything.

Note that "Ichiya's feelings" don't as much show how the protagonist is actually feeling as how seme/uke he is towards the other characters. The farther to the right (and the redder) the parameter, the more seme.

System menu


You can also buy a target at the end of the day. When you have indebted a target for more than 100 million yen, a small pink notice will appear besides his status saying "Can be bought". If you wish to buy the target at this point in time, click the notice and choose "呼び出す". You will buy him the next day.



On Fridays and Saturdays, the secretary will ask whether you wish to rest or work the next day. If you choose to work, everything will be the same as described above.


If you choose to rest, the secretary will tell you that you have a visitor. You can choose to meet him or not, and depending on what you choose different events will unfold.

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