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Special status

Sometimes, depending on their "unfortunate" points, the targets spontaneously join a cult or start gambling. You can see what status they are in by checking their stats, and you can stop any of these status by choosing 止める (over 止めない) when you have found them on the map -- but if you do this, you won't be able to do any card action on the particular target on that day.

cult Religious cult
The target is a member of a cult. He will give a certain amount of money to this cult every day, but at some point, he might run away from home to join the cult. You ought to stop this state in time.

love Relationship
The target is involved in a relationship with a woman. He will use a certain amount of money on the woman every day, and at some point break up with her and give her even more money.

lottery Lottery
The target is participating in the national lottery. He will use a certain amount of money on this every day, but he might also win money at some point.

horse racing Horse racing
The target is betting on horses. He will use a certain amount of money on this every day, but he might also win money at some point.

The cards

To use the cards sensibly, it's a good idea to know what the different cards stand for, and how the targets each react to them. There are eight cards in total.

Falling Object
Falling Object
SekuHara *

* SekuHara = sexual harassment

All of the cards will appear randomly for you to use. You can also get most of them by trading with Card Dealers A and B, though not the Special card. The SekuHara card does appear randomly, but if you want to trade your way to it, you'll have to send the protagonist (not the secretary) to Card Dealer B (the SekuHara card is also good for other things than indebting targets, but please refer to the complete list of CGs for details).

The Special card acts in a slightly different manner than the other cards, and you will see this when using it:

Level 4

The goal is of course to hit one of the yellow fields and have a Level 4 action (they're quite funny, especially "Falling object" and "Damage").

There is a relation between cards and target, and some cards work best on some targets while they may not work so well on others. Here is a table:

 Fire  Water  Damage  Falling Object  Shopping  SekuHara
 Higuchi  Okay  Bad  Bad  Good  Okay  Good
 Shimizu  Good  Good  Okay  Bad  Bad  Okay
 Yamaguchi  Bad  Okay  Good  Okay  Good  Bad

So if you have one Fire, one Damage, and one SekuHara card, you should use them on Shimizu, Yamaguchi, and Higuchi respectively.

The items

Items can sometimes be found in the areas of the map where no one is at, and sometimes Card Dealers A and B will give one to you. Some are more useful than others.

Used on the map

kinoko Higuchi tanchi (Higuchi detection)
Finds Higuchi.

kinoko Shimizu tanchi (Shimizu detection)
Finds Shimizu.

kinoko Yamaguchi tanchi (Yamaguchi detection)
Finds Yamaguchi.

wara ningyo wara ningyo (straw doll)
One "unfortunate point" will be added even if the secretary does the card action.

sosain sosain (investigator)
Adds one investigator for you to use.

tochi hanbetsu tochi hanbetsu (territory distinction)
The map will turn different colors depending on who's where. Red = target; yellow = Card Dealer; blue = no one.

Used on card actions

match-bako match-bako (box of matches)
Slows down the bar when using the Fire card.

teruteru sakasa teruteru-bozu (up-side-down teruteru-bozu)
Slows down the bar when using the Water card.

bakuyaku bakuyaku (explosives)
Slows down the bar when using the Damage card.

senpuki chokyoryoku senpuki (super strong electric fan)
Slows down the bar when using the Falling Object card.

sasa ebessan no sasa (ebessan's bamboo leaves)
Slows down the bar when using the Shopping card.

tosatsu kamera tosatsu kamera (paparazzi camera)
Slows down the bar when using the SekuHara card.

Can be used anywhere (except during card actions)

kinoko koinu (pup)
Give it to one of the targets, and everyday they will pay for having it.

koinu-bako koinu-bako (box of pups)
Give it to one of the targets, and everyday they will pay for having it. More expensive than the single pup.

gyaku manekineko gyaku manekineko (reversed cat of fortune)
Give it to one of the targets, and all winnings they have on horse racing and the lottery will be cancelled. Only works once.

Quite useless

kinoko kinoko (mushroom)
If you use it before going to bed, you'll have a nightmare. You won't be able to do anything the next day.

bishonen buromaido bishonen buromaido (bishonen photos)
For your viewing pleasure. Five different kinds available.

kinoko shinda kotori no shitai (dead body of a dead bird)
Doesn't do anything.

Seme/uke parameters

The degree of seme/uke (top/bottom) of the characters will change depending on the choices you make in the conversations. This parameter will affect which of the CGs you get to see. As a rule, the more vague you are in your statements, the more uke the protagonist will become; and the more determined you are, the more seme he will become. The exception is Shimizu Arata: the more gentle you are with him (like a big brother), the more seme the protagonist will become.

For a complete list of conversations and their effect on the seme/uke parameters, click one of the chibis below.

Higuchi Takafumi

Shimizu Arata

Yamaguchi Yukio

Yoshioka Kei'ichiro

Complete list of CGs

There are 55 CGs to be collected in this game. This is a list of them sorted by genres that I made up (because I can), and brief instructions to how to see them. For how to make the protagonist seme or uke, please refer to the seme/uke parameters section.

Regular CGs (24)
The ones you will see as a default when you indebt a character for about 200 million yen as both seme and uke.

Happy End CGs (3)
One for each target. Regardless of uke/seme for Higuchi and Yamaguchi, but Shimizu will run away if you make him seme, so there's only a happy end with him as uke. To get to a happy end, you have to indebt a character for about 200 million yen, and choose the following options (look out for them!):

Bondage CGs (4)
One for Shimizu (uke, else he'll run away) and Yamaguchi (regardless of uke/seme), and two for Higuchi depending on the seme/uke. They might not suit everyone's taste, so take care. There are two ways to get these:

Target-on-Target CGs (4)
Buy two targets at a time, and they'll play with each other. Buy all three, and you'll get Yoshioka to look while you play with them (I quite like this CG, myself, but like the bondage CGs they might not be for everyone).

One-Week-After CGs (3)
Buy the targets at least one week before time limit (i.e. around the 20th day). After a week, they'll come over to play.

SekuHara CGs (3)
Play to make the targets uke. Use the SekuHara (sexual harassment) card on each of them three or four times (or use the Special card on SekuHara once). Either the protagonist or someone else will be indecent with them. This only works if the protagonist (not the secretary) uses the SekuHara cards.

The Really Bad End CG (1)
Fail all your cards. Work on Saturdays and Sundays. The protagonist will *beeeep* and you'll get a CG.

The One-Billion-Yen CG (1)
Indebt the three targets for more than one billion yen combined. This requires knowledge of the cards (please refer to the cards section) and a lot of Level 3 actions, but isn't too hard with the cheat mode (tips and tricks).

Secretary CGs (6)
To get together with the secretary, you have to stay at home on all Saturdays and Sundays and not meet anyone, and indebt Higuchi for at least 100 million yen but not buy him. Four default CGs and two different CGs depending on seme/uke.

Spy Itoh CGs (6)
Spy Itoh, the less-than-friendly local gakuran-wearing spy, will sometimes come visit you and give you a piece of a photo. There are 24 pieces in all. You have to stay at home on Saturdays and Sundays, and choose to meet visitors to get these CGs.

When you have gathered all CGs, it would surprise me if there are blank lines in your recollection mode. But if there are, play the game through again focusing on the character you miss scenes with (you can see what character it is on the background image of the recollection mode), and they will probably be filled out along the way.

Tips and tricks

1. Save frequently. Saving every day isn't too much. Then, if one day doesn't go as you want it to, you don't have to start all over.

Main Window

2. After you have seen three endings (the ones with end credits), a box like the one in the left picture will appear. If you turn the pink button on, all levels of card action will become Level 3. A really good cheat mode.

3. This cheat might make the game less involving for you. Drag over if you want to read:

Run the game in window mode (not full-screen). When the "choose level of card action" mode is on, press the Alt tab once. This will stop the bar. Pressing the Alt tab again will start the bar again. Repeat until you hit the level of desire. Click once with mouse.

And lastly ...

Version 1.0 published 15-07-2004. Please don't reproduce without authorization.

Please direct all comments and questions to medoroa AT gmail DOT com. Criticism always appreciated.

All images and concepts © Blue Alice/AliceSoft. No infringement of this copyright is intended. Made by a fan for fans; no profit being made.

Anyone can link freely to this document, and there is no need to ask before linking. The URL is http://oreshita.medoroa.net/

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